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Rayview Construction has been doing hardscapes (stamped concrete and modular walls) since 1994.   We started our landscape part of the business in the mid 90’s, something we really enjoy doing and take pride in.   We will work together with you to design a project that will meet your needs and budget.


Think About This:

When you as a homeowner have to repair a foundation, replace a patio or just need yard drainage it is safe to assume heavy equipment   will be needed that can damage existing landscaping and concrete.   Most contractors try to return your yard to original condition.   In 1994 Rayview began doing decorative stamped concrete which we gave to our customers as an upgrade something that the owner could see and enjoy other than just paying to get a wall repaired.   We soon started doing modular walls, planters and removal of overgrown bushes, replacing them with new plantings to give the house a new look.   It only makes sense while our crew and equipment is on the job to let us redesign your landscape at a fraction of the cost, something you will enjoy for years to come.

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Professional Landscaping Services from Rayview Construction